Boeing 737 Emergency Landing After a Lightning Strike – GTA 5 Short movie

Experienced pilot Trevor at the helm. Today he is a pilot of a Boeing 737 passenger plane. The weather was good during the flight. But suddenly the weather turned bad and a storm began. Lightning hit the engine and it exploded. Now Trevor needs to land this plane.

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  2. Please upload GTA 5 airbus a340 emergency Landing crash into the ferris wheel tomorrow

  3. Hate to tell ya but lightning does not effect any type of plane.

  4. Aye!! Well done! 👏👏
    Yeah GTAV thunderstorms are really cool 🙂
    Nice job incorporating that with one of your fabulous air emergency videos 🙂
    Tons of thanks 🙂

  5. Man. How can you pass the barrier on the rockstar editor?

  6. Wow. That was good. I like planes so 😁🤩

  7. Please upload GTA 5 airplane crash tomorrow

  8. Owww thakyou My Turkey nice video 😊😀😁

  9. Un une un on il lol le l'mlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooo

  10. Imagine how bleeter is gonna like, they goin to be "omg i saw a plane engine failure in a thunderstorm conditions bro"

  11. TV bugging rojoni ko Lao him un hugging t Ani bhi

  12. はるかくん 男子で珍しい名前のやつ says:

    I love 737!

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