BEST Racing Games on Xbox | Forza, F1 2021, Wreckfest + MORE!

2021 is definitely the year of the racing game! As we look forward to the arrival of Forza Horizon 5 in November, we wanted to round up some of the best racing games on Xbox. Let us know what your favourite racing game is down in the comments!

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  1. The GTA fottage looks so old compared to everything else! Hot pursuit looks fun, I like the GTA pursuit series but im tired of GTA. What games are likr this pursuit style with great online play.

  2. Nothing is even remotely as good as the Forza Horizon series…
    My personal favorites are Horizon 1 and 2 ! ❤

  3. I might get a Xbox series x just for horizon 5

  4. Forza 7 is on sale right now. A big sale! Can anyone tell me if it’s any good? Is it worth buying? I didn’t see any series X upgrade for it. I would appreciate any info.TIA

  5. OK, hold it. There was a Wreakfest series X update mentioned. There is supposedly a 24 GB upgrade for Wreakfest that tells you it will optimize the game for the series X/S. It doesn’t work! I paid $10 and downloaded it and it just sits on your SSD and does NOT Update Wreakfest for Series X! When you go to the Microsoft store you can see the reviews for that particular upgrade and they are all bad. It’s a complete waste of money! If anyone has figured out a way to make this upgrade work for the series X, please share.

  6. I don't like cars games but this so excited, let's goooo

  7. Dirt 5 is rubbish, I have a series X, and also a PS5. I got it with PS5 and there is no replay mode and it isn't realistic it is simcade. FH4 is class. Can't wait for the next game if you have gamepass there quite a few great racing games.

  8. Assetto Corsa's physics and gameplay are dogshit compare to Forza.

  9. I know it’s not a racing game but SnowRunner deserves a mention as well. Can’t wait for FH5 either!

  10. NASCAR 21 Ignition deserved a mention here to be honest!

  11. DO NOT buy F1 2021 it’s ridiculously buggy and the online works next to never

  12. Fh5 honestly gives me FH2 vibes through the hud Lol

  13. the URL of the video did have that last 3 letters lmao

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