BeamNG.Drive is one of the GREATEST car games EVER!!!!

Dual POV BeamNG.Drive gameplay?! What more could you ask for?

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If you read down this far I love you :)))


  1. Dual POV set up isss crazyyyyy 🔥🔥

  2. Nah keep the commentary, Your reactions are EVERYTHING when it comes to watching ur vids. Funniest and Best Youtuber on this platform 100%

  3. I watch your videos for da funny commentary🤣🤣

  4. Just found this channel and it's 130am me and my 2 year old are having a blast watching you! You and Gabe need to get on together more often

  5. A video without you talking not gonna lie would be mad boring your funny asf so if people hate then they should not be in your channel

  6. Gabe is a certified mustang driver 💀🤣🤣

  7. Yo coolkid love the vids try but a wing on the cool kid e46 to try and give it more grip in the big end

  8. Cool, fuck them bro I love hear u talk and driving bro…

  9. Go to the airport with the e46 bruh that would be hilarious to watch

  10. bro talkin gots to be the funniest shiz ong. the commentary just adds to the comedy

  11. idk if you have but please use the e63-s its my favorite car frfr

  12. Let’s Goooo, GABE IN THE BUILDING!😂👌🏾

  13. I saw sum about the dyno mod and how its the best mod and shit

  14. In love with the content recently 🤩😮‍💨

  15. i probably will never unsubscribe this channel🙃

  16. Bro don’t ever tell this man stop talking his comedy makes the vids tbh

  17. yo i love the dual cam with gabe definitely should do more of those! funny ass shit as usual tho haha

  18. Idc how much u talk all this stuff is comedy got me dyin every video I watch 🤣🤣👐🏽 keep up the grind an content fr💯

  19. Mannn fuck then haters just keep talking man I love to hear what ya have to say

  20. You should do an offroad beam ng video i feel like it would be so funny🤣

  21. I love when u talk because of the fact you’re fugging hilarious😂
    Fugg the people that don’t like it😂

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