😍Ford Transit Truck 😍 – In Extreme Car Driving Simulator – Car Game

😍Ford Transit Truck 😍 – In Extreme Car Driving Simulator – Car Game

This video only for entertainment purpose no any update.
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  1. Wait a minute it's fake it's the tow truck from car parking multiplayer

  2. Only in car parking multiplayer Ohio LMAO

  3. the towing i know a fack the towing a game car parking and the car is extream car i know is a fake!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡

  4. 👎👎👎😂🤣😂😑😑👎👎🖕

  5. It's tow truck car parking multiplayer no extreme car driving simulator

  6. MR REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA super total full Víctor says:

    No is real the photo is the car parking multiplayer

  7. I just saw the background different so I found it as a edit

  8. It's fake actually this truck is from car parking multiplayer nice edit by the way

  9. 😡 stop this nonsense you have to stop ✋ it's not funny anymore you have no right of doing this and you're a liar

  10. What In the 🌎 Are you thinking? What is your Problem This is actually really quickly and you are going to stop this immediately and I don't care If that sign says, remember to keep our communities respectful and follow our community

  11. Whatttt car car parking mutiplyer

  12. The track car parking multiplayer on extreme car driving simulator is edit

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